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THIS IS REALLY OUT OF DATE I'm gonna fix it I promise


******What is GameWisp?

GameWisp is another way to support me and the stream. You can 'subscribe' just like you would on twitch, or just donate one time to get a month worth of perks/incentives. There's no one forcing you to do this, I WON'T ACTUALLY STEAL YOUR DONUTS, it's just a way you can help me out with improving the stream and covering stream related expenses.

**What am I supporting?

You are here because you enjoy hanging out with me and playing games, and that is what a donation would support. I love livestreaming, and playing video games, and the introduction to Twitch and this community has completely changed my life. That being said, it can be an expensive hobby. Not even counting the gear I want to buy to improve the quality of the stream, or the cost of the games themselves, streaming takes a lot of time that will always come second to my actual paying jobs, until it can support itself. I just want to play VIDYA GAEMS and chat with all of you. And maybe eventually learn how to edit videos and youtube and shtuff.

Where is my donation going?

The income provided by Twitch donations has and will always go back in to the stream. I will have specific goals listed on my Twitch profile, but for the most part donations and pledges go toward things like new gear to improve the stream (desk, microphone, chair, mixer, green screen, etc), funding trips to gaming conventions (and getting you all the news and me all the SHIRTS), and buying games to play and giveaway on the stream!