Brand Policy

Want to feature GameWisp in your video, blog, or publication? Everything you need to apply GameWisp's branding can be found on this page.

Need logos, sub buttons, or Twitch graphics to let your viewers know where they can support you? You'll find all of those resources on this page as well.

Note: Please do not alter our logo in any way. Additionally, you may display the logo image without the GameWisp text, but please do not display the text without the logo.


Logo - White Text (For Dark Backgrounds)
Logo - Grey Text (For Light Backgrounds)

Promotional Items

Use these graphics on your channel to promote your GameWisp page!

  • Subscribe Buttons

    Don't have a sub button for your channel? You do now! Choose one that complements your color scheme.

  • Twitch Graphics

    Use these graphics on your Twitch channel to entice your viewers to subscribe...or make your own!

Color Palette

GameWisp uses a minimal color palette of teal, gold, gray, and white.

White $white #ffffff
Gold $gold #f8a853
Teal $teal #1784ab
Dark Gray $dark-gray #474544