Non Partnered Streamers Deserve Sub Buttons

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There are a lot of reasons why streamers want to become Twitch partners. The world of gaming content is young, and growing, and we’re all still figuring out where we fit within it, but even with all that uncertainty, partnership is an obvious mountaintop to strive for. It’s a stamp of legitimacy, a clear, unimpeachable sign that “I am a professional streamer.”

That being said, it’s not hard to understand why Twitch would be protective of the title. To keep the realm of partnership the aspirational achievement it needs to be, they must be selective. For the same reasons, partners are the only ones who get to take part in Twitch’s profits. Partnership really is just that, being made a partner in the business sense, and you can’t give that to everyone and keep things running as smoothly, and profitably, as it is now. And, believe me, things are going well. But, that creates a big problem.

Non-partnered streamers deserve sub buttons.

Streaming is a full-time job that demands full-time commitment. But it’s a tall order to become a full-time streamer when you need another gig, a day job, to survive. Of course, you could say that about a lot of artforms. In that way, streaming isn’t different from being in a band or painting or writing novels. You don’t start at the top, you climb your way up, and as you do, you develop a relationship with the early fans, the biggest fans, who support you from the beginning. You sell CD’s and merch from a table in the back of the bar, or you publish that first small book with a tiny press, you grow, making increasing amounts of money over time, so the day job can fade out, and the real job can incrementally take its place.

But, on Twitch, it’s tough without that sub button. We know people want to support the creators they love, but we also know how they want to do it, and it’s by clicking that button. It’s easy, it’s impulsive, and it’s an inexpensive way not only to help, but to feel closer to you and the rest of the community around you. There are other ways, of course, posting paypal info, tip jars, but look around and you’ll see. We know what works. It’s the sub button.

So, how do you make a living on twitch without partnership? How do you let yourself grow, let your fans help you make the transition from part-time to full-time streamer, when Twitch won’t, _can’t, _give you what you need?

You make a sub button of your own.

Non partnered streamers who use GameWisp get a sub button. Full stop. It’s right there, beneath your stream, where it should be. And, when deserving streamers who’ve languished without one for far too long finally reveal it to their fans, they freak out. It doesn’t only legitimize you, it legitimizes them, their fandom. It’s been a joy to watch communities come together during those first streams. They’re celebrations.

Something that takes as much hard work as streaming warrants compensation, and believe me, your viewers know it. What’s more, they believe in it. No one is forcing people to push those sub buttons by the millions. People supporting the creators they love isn’t new. It’s simple. Non partnered streamers should be part of it like everyone else.

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