• Who am I and what kind of content do I make?
  • In the gaming world my friends know me as ReAnimateHer but I do have an alter ego her name is Kat. I am a mom of 2 crazy girls and have a man that deals with my addiction to gaming. I recently retired my number, name and Jersey from Roller Derby. Yep that's right when I am not hitting bitches on the track I am killing shit in video-games. I live in a beautiful country called Canada. Zombies? Oh hell yea I love them hence my name and the games I play.

    Some of the games I stream are Destiny, Overwatch Deadrising 3 & 4, L4D2 2, Titanfall2 and many more. The genre of games I love to play are FPS,MMo and RTS. All games are super fun and I will always try to play everything.

  • Why am I on Gamewisp?
  • My reason for being is one day I would love to stream full-time. I fully enjoy hanging out with people and playing video-games. I started streaming because I have been out of work for 8 months and needed a hobby. I am currently unemployed  now due my illness, and am saving up for  Upgrades to the stream,and to help me pay my internet costs. Having a monthly subscription with subscribers would help me out greatly and help me make the goal of becoming a full time streamer. 

    I stream 5 days a week 6 hours a day, each donation/subscription will go towards getting  upgrades on the pc, a new gaming chair and my monthly internet bill. We have a bandwidth cap where I am and it costs me a bit more to stream.

  • What are the rewards for Subscribers?
  • The rewards I plan on using are Custom SFX sounds for when you come into my stream, Rank, Role and Colour in my Discord, Beanie, Shout out in my YouTube videos, and all my Social Media for each month you are a subscriber, A custom command in my stream with Rank and message, Custom graphic made by me, a birthday card hand written by myself also you get to choose cosplay for the next stream as well. There are many more amazing perks and benefits of becoming a subscriber. Please check out each tier to get an idea. I will also be updating the rewards when I think of new fresh and cool ideas. I am also always open to hear of a reward that you would like to see.There will also be 2 game give-aways for subscribers only.