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If you're new around here let me first thank you for stopping by! I've been in the gaming content creation business for five years now, and have been blessed with the greatest community on the planet!

Years ago, before things really got moving with LAGTV I wrote a lot about video games. I reviewed them, I wrote editorials on them and the industry, and I even did some really early video work during that time! Unfortunately since LAGTV took up almost all my time I had to stop that part of my life...UNTIL NOW!

While many of you are here from my Twitchtv stream, you may be interested to know about ! I created this website to open up a number of possibilities to provide more value to my community - thus here we are on Gamewisp! I'll let you read over the tiers to get more info on just what you can expect to get out of your contribution to my keeping a roof overhead.

I really do have the best community on the planet, and if you've been part of it to this point (or perhaps just starting now), I am forever grateful. I hope that everything I do end up putting here provides you with more for your money than I've been able to provide until now. Of course things might get added or removed over time so keep an eye out!