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ATTENTION: GAMEWISP IS SHUTTING DOWN. OUR NEW SUB PAGE IS ON PATREON! All the perks will remain the same - we are just moving platforms as this one is shutting down. If you are already subbed here and you don't want to increase your tier, then you will be fine for the Nov 24th meetup. However, AFTER Nov 24th, you will need to move your sub over to Patreon to continue receiving benefits at our events. Thanks for your understanding!

Vancouver Community MeetUp, Powered by Twitch is a non-profit group of volunteers, managed by SeriouslyClara, that hosts fun, social events to bring together content creators, game developers, industry professionals, and gamers in Vancouver, BC. Our events typically feature playable game demos, a live stream, raffle giveaways, a creative corner, photo booth, and more. For more information, visit

If you choose to subscribe, you'll be helping to continue the success of our events while keeping them free to attend. Our funding goes towards regular event costs as well as our many goals: tech upgrades, improved activations, more prizes, stronger brand presence, and more.

Get extra perks for your support as listed below! Please note that subscriptions automatically renew each month, so if you only want to support us per event, you'll have to cancel your subscription and re-subscribe per event. Benefits apply to subscriptions active as of 11:59pm PT the day before events.

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