Welcome to my Gamewisp page! If you're here to support me financially, I want to tell you that I really, truly appreciate you and to thank you! You also need to know that this is NOT required.

If you are not able to support me financially, or simply don't want to, that is totally alright and I thank you for your support in other ways :) Please remember that just watching my videos & streams is supporting me. Other free ways you can help are by liking, sharing & commenting. Please do not feel bad if you are unable to support me financially :)

For those of you who are considering whether to support me financially, I want you to know that approximately one dollar is enough to make up for 1000 adblocked views. Below, the tiers start at $3.99 because Gamewisp takes $1 per tier level, as well as some processing fees.

So if you use adblock, you can rest easy using it, knowing that you're not taking any of my revenue away.

Now, I want to explain the tiers and benefits that I have available.

Firstly, all the benefits are the same for each tier, with the exception of the Discord roles being the same title in relation to the tier here on Gamewisp. There are a few different reasons I have chosen this.

I believe in equality. I want everyone who is a part of the community around my channel to feel equal. Equally welcome, equally respected. Equal, regardless of those who can afford, and choose, to support me financially.

I don't have any products I can offer in return for payment aside from the video and streaming content I already make for free and I spend most of my time doing things related to the channel, whether that's making videos or setting up live streams.

I don't feel that it would be fair to offer something more substantial to someone, just because they give me money or because they give me more money than someone else. If I want everyone to be equal, I cannot do this.

If someone who watches my videos every day, watches every video & live stream through to the end, always leaves a like, always leaves a positive comment, shares often and supports me that way for the entirety of my time on YouTube cannot afford to support me financially, they should NOT get any less respect or treatment or anything than someone who watches sometimes, never comments, maybe clicks like, and has only been around my channel for a week prior, but pays me monthly to continue making the content we all love. I appreciate every bit of support I get, in whatever way it's given and however often.

I feel that having names on my website and at the beginning/end of my streams is fair because those who do choose to support me financially need to be recognized and thanked because you are never required to do it. I consider it to be purely out of the goodness of your heart. Those that don't still have a totally free option of commenting, either on a video, or on a live stream for their names to be seen and just know that I acknowledge and recognize your comments always, whether I respond or not. As a small channel, it is easy for me to reply to all comments, but this will become harder as I continue to grow.

Please keep in mind that it is possible for benefits to change in the future, where something may be added or something may be removed. As of right now, I do not see this being a likely possibility, but if someone makes a suggestion or something changes that I need to alter the benefits, I will make a post here before doing so.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and for considering supporting me financially. If you have any concerns or are feeling at all unsure about committing to this, then I respectfully ask you to not do it. I would much rather you feel happy not paying than conflicted or stressed by paying.

I am glad to call you a part of my community :)