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Hey there! I'm MissBizz - a Community Ambassador on the official ESO Forums, guild leader of Lone Wolf Help on Elder Scrolls Online, streamer and content creator for Youtube!

So what exactly do I do?

Well, I do my normal "real" job all week, but on the side I like to be heavily involved in the ESO community. This includes often being on the forums, leading a guild, as well Let's Plays and video guides all about the game! I first experienced ESO, and after being asked (about a million times) if I've ever played Skyrim before, I decided to get into Let's Plays! I now create a few different Let's Plays alongside my ESO content.

What is gamewisp?

Gamewisp is a monthly subscription to help creators continue making great, or help make even more awesome, content for you to enjoy! Aside from just knowing you are being over the top amazing and helpful, you'll also pick up a few little perks along the way!

How will this help me? 

This will help me with reoccurring costs such as Adobe Creative Cloud. This will also help me purchase games and DLC's to share with you on Youtube! Of course, this will also help me upgrade my equipment so hopefully I can make my quality even better for you!

Sub Goals (Bonus Perks)

5 subs - Early access to my builds
10 subs - Early access to youtube videos
15 subs - Exclusive monthly vlog video
20 subs - That's crazy! I don't know? Suggest if we get close!

If you love my content and would like to support me, please feel free to sub below!