Welcome to That Indy Gamer! A channel dedicated to indie games, showcasing the major talent that exists on Steam, GOG, Kickstarter and GameJolt. If the game is crafted from pure hard work, determination and a love of the craft, then we will talk about it! From RPGs to RTS. Adventure to Action. Horror to comedy. I play them all.

Some of the games I have played recently include The Sexy Brutale and Thimbleweed Park!

That's not to say we won't ever cover AAA or talk about them, but they are not the main focus.

Do you know any unsung heroes of gaming or any undiscovered gems? Let us know, so we can help showcase them!

Stream Schedule
Week One - 14:00(GMT)/15:00(BST) until 20:00(GMT)/21:00(BST)

Week Two - 06:00(GMT)/07:00(BST) until 12:00(GMT)/13:00(BST)