Hola, Names Caleb I'm 25 and welcome to my Channel. Feel free to take a gander, I've been gaming for about 17 years meow and I think I'm decent. Most contributions go to the stream, about %99 the other 1 would maybe be bills. All help is appreciated and very much loved, Tesha and I will do our best to keep the stream as entertaining as possible. I mostly stream Retro games, and current day RPG and Action Adventure style games. I also dabble in Shooters and Fighters so you may catch me on some of those. Tesha is more into Puzzle based games, but will also play some adventure games for our Couple's Stream. Tesha also has her own segment on my channel know as ****__Tesha Tuesday, where every Tuesday she streams on my channel. I hope you peeps enjoy my channel and please support.