Hi! So about me i love playing pretty much anything but i really love retro games! Even want to do some speed running ,100%,any %, or even just hard as hell games! Please recommend a game in the chat for me to play and ill see what i can do at that very moment! Here is what i got!And also if youd like to play a game with me just ask!
1) Almost anything retro!Just ask! I probably have it! 2)Watch dogs 2 3)Tales of zestiria 4)Robocraft 5)Vindictus 6)Tales of Symphonia 7)Realm of the Mad God 8)Blade and Soul 9)Final fantasy xiv 10)final fantasy xiii trilogy 11)Tales of Berseria 12)Galactic Junk League 13)Brawhalla!!!!! 14)Rocket League 15)Minion Masters 16)Battle Block Theater 17)Lazarus 18)Hearth stone 19)Dungeon Defenders II 20)Project Argo 21)Osu 22)Paladins 23)Smite 24)bioshock infinite 25)Borderlands 2 26)dishonored 1 27)Dmc 28)The Witcher 3 29)Disgaea pc 1+2 30)Farcry Primal. 31)dreamcast games 32)ps2 games 33)ps1 34)tons of arcade games 35)AND MANY MORE!!!!!!!