Twitch Integration

GameWisp lets you link your Twitch account so you can offer more benefits, as well as manage and message your subscribers.

Automated Benefits

We automate the benefit process, from collecting the information you need from your subs to delivering benefits to them automatically.

Subscriber Management

GameWisp gives you a complete picture of your subscribers, including who is subscribed, what benefits they have received, and when they unsubscribe.

Reliable Messaging

Use GameWisp to reliably message your subscribers. Messages sent from GameWisp not only get posted to a subscriber's dashboard, but also sent via email.

Upgraded Monthly Support

GameWisp lets you offer your subscribers upgrades in exchange for additional benefits. Subs can now give as much as they want on a monthly basis, and you can reward them every step of the way.

Keep More of Your Tips

Using GameWisp for your tips leaves more money in your pocket! We give you 100% of your tips after credit card fees.

Not a Twitch Partner? Not a problem.

Use our tools to offer your fans monthly subscriptions for great benefits. Take tips and keep more of your money!

Check out some of the great channels already using GameWisp!

Dan Cybert

How To Get Started

Set Up Your Channel

Register a new account. Click the Create Channel button and link your Twitch and/or Youtube.

Create Your Benefits

Use our Benefit Manager to create the benefits you want to give to your subscribers. Give free benefits to Twitch subs and additional benefits to GameWisp subs.

Share Your GameWisp Page

Share your page with your subscribers so that they can claim their benefits.